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Preparing Your Pet for Boarding

When you decide to take your pet to a boarding environment for care, it’s vital it’s as easy as possible for your pet & of course for you. To ensure you’re both at ease, we’ve created our boarding tips to address the emotional & practical side of boarding. 

Some people still think it’s ‘cruel’ to leave their pet at a boarding kennels or cattery but that’s far from the truth. Owners may also feel unsure because they’re the ones going away & wonder how their pet is coping. It’s important to understand the boarding experience doesn’t have to be unpleasant or distressing for you or your pet. Pets do adjust & learn routines; they do get to know their temporary home whilst you are away. 

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of the settling-in process for all pets. This ensures they feel happy, safe & content while in our care. It’s not enough to think because someone operates a boarding kennel & cattery they know how to care properly for pets in a boarding environment. This is where our 36+ years of experience sets us apart. 

We pay attention to each & every pet, understanding how pets will individually react & behave in a boarding environment. We’re able to notice the signs of discontentment & we’re proactive in helping each pet feel safe, secure & comfortable in our care. We never ignore pets. 

So, the best thing for your pet is to establish an on-going relationship with a boarding kennel & cattery. This allows them the time to adjust, familiarise and become comfortable with the routine. We see it time & time again: pets are slightly hesitant on their first visit, the next time they remember so settle much faster & by the third time they settle from the start.

That’s the emotional side covered, now for the practical side.

We’re mindful boarding pets for the first time or at a new place can be stressful, more so for the owners than the pets. Based on our 36+ years of experience, here are our top boarding tips for you and your pet. We’d like to ease any concerns you may have so please contact us with any questions. 

Boarding Requirements

All pets must be vaccinated. 

  • For dogs, the requirement is a C5 vaccination
  • For cats, the requirement is a F4 vaccination. We’re willing to accept an F3 on the advice of your vet. 

If your pet requires any medication, please bring it in a container labelled with their name & clear instructions. A sandwich ziplock bag is ideal for this. 

Please email us your pet’s current vaccination certificate or bring the certificate with you on arrival. If you can’t locate your pet’s certificate, we’re able to check your pet’s vaccination details by calling your vet.

What To/Not To Bring

Whilst we have plenty of food & water bowls, bedding & litter trays, we recommend you bring your pet/s own:

  • Current vaccination certificate (see boarding requirements for more info)
  • Bed
  • Blanket
  • Favourite toy

** Please don’t bring bean bags or feather-filled quilts. 

A reminder of home, these items act as a security blanket for your pet. This helps to kickstart the settling-in process. 

If you’d like to provide your pet’s own food or treats, you’re welcome to. Please ensure the containers are clearly labelled with your pet’s name & instructions. However, this is not a requirement as our daily rate includes food. 


For all office hours & inspection times, please click here. On arrival to our boarding kennels & cattery, we recommend: 

  • You do not feed your pet within the 4 hours prior to arrival – over-excitement or nerves can result in diarrhoea which is unpleasant for your pet.
  • Your cat is in a cat carrier & your dog is on a lead
  • If other people are here, please keep distance between your pet & others’.
  • Remaining relaxed – if you’re overly anxious, your pet will become concerned
  • Non-regular boarders arrive in the morning – this gives your pet a full day to adjust, become familiar with us & get used to their new neighbours
  • Remembering pets do not always behave in the same way in a boarding environment, particularly first timers. This is common & nothing to be concerned about but something to keep in mind. 

For more in-depth cat & dog boarding tips, please read on below:  

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